What happened to brunching?

29 Sep

At a Nats game

As many of you know, this isn’t my first blog. Back in the day my good friend Emily and I had a brunch blog. And so we wrote brunch reviews, and we wrote about making brunch, and we wrote about what makes brunch brunch. But writing about brunch can be somewhat limiting, especially when traditional brunch is reserved for the weekends. With so much brunching, plus our jobs and our other hobbies–we got a bit burnt out, and the blog died a slow and painful death.

But I’m back! And my DC is going to be about so much more than brunching–because my DC doesn’t stop at brunch. my DC includes jazz in the park, Screen on the Green, Crafty Bastards, estate sales, dinners out on the town, happy hours, plays, shopping, weekends trips, fixing up the apartment, hosting out of town friends, cooking, exploring and so much more. Why limit myself when my DC is bursting at the seams with adventures to do be had?

So join me on this adventure as we explore my DC!



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