3 Oct

I spent much of this past weekend inside the cafeteria at Wilson High School in Tenleytown. Why, you might ask, were you being a creeper at a high school? Don’t have you have better things to do with your weekends?

Well, my friends, I was there to be inspired.

After getting an email from my friend about a new educational movement meant to spread inspiration to our country’s students, I knew that this was something special and applied to be a Future Coach with The Future Project.

“Two in three high-school students say they are bored in class every day. Three in five say they do not see value in what they are learning. One in four students drops out before graduation. Three in four are not prepared for college. And one in three teachers say that their students are not prepared for one primary reason: they are not motivated.”

The Future Project contends that this isn’t an achievement gap–it’s an inspiration gap. Through its work with high school students, The Future Project aims to introduce passion and inspiration to the learning process as a means to engage students in the learning process and empower students to dream big.

Each young professional (Future Coach) is paired with a high school student (Future Fellow). The team works together through the school year to identify the Fellow’s interests and passions, and create a project that makes difference in their school or greater community.

Tonight I’ll meet my Fellow and embark on a revolution to create a world in which everyone is inspired.

As part of this process, and as an inspirational tool, I will be watching one TED Talk a day for a year. I probably won’t be blogging about each one, but I’ll post every now and then about ones that are particularly inspiring. And feel free to comment or email or tweet me if you want to hold me accountable. But I’m giving you my word and my integrity, and those are things I don’t take lightly.

Do you have a favorite TED talk? Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to watch it!



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