Random Friday Facts

14 Oct

More fun facts to tide you over through the weekend:

1. When I was younger, I decided that I wanted to be a vampire when I grew up. And that was before vampires were cool.

2. I’ve been to five different baseball stadiums – San Francisco, Oakland, St. Louis, DC, Baltimore.

3. This is my first year playing fantasy football, and I’m surprised how into it I am. Go team Alpha Wolf!

4. In high school, I used to skip breakfast. Now I can’t imagine not eating within 30 minutes of waking up.

5. I have always and will always love Kraft macaroni and cheese.

6. I’ve never been to Philadelphia, but my car was stolen there.

7. My boyfriend has had two cars stolen–one in St. Louis and one in Philadelphia.

8. My mom never cooked pork at home (besides bacon), so I’m just starting to discover it as an adult. I don’t know how often I’ll cook it, since I tend to leave the meat cooking to my boyfriend, but I’m a pretty big fan. I had the most delicious pork tenderloin at Marc Forgione in New York a few weeks back.

9. I HATE rats. Which is ironic since I used to have one as a pet. But even then, I was too scared to take her out of the cage and hold her.

10. I love having my car in DC. I know you don’t need one, but it makes it so much easier to get out of town for a weekend–or go to Costco.

11. Of all foods, I probably have cravings for Thai the most often.

12. I was two-years-old, potty training and on the toilet when the 1989 San Francisco earthquake struck. My mom worried that I would be so distraught that I would never be potty trained. I’m glad to say I’m no longer dealing with PTSD.

13. I ran into a guy I had gone to high school with for a year when I was studying abroad in Buenos Aires. Small world.

14. My middle name is Jaeger, which is my mom’s maiden name. I used to be embarrassed by it and wish I had a “normal” middle name. Then I learned about Jagermeister and decided it was pretty cool. Thanks, Mom!

15. Another mom shoutout: Thanks to my mom, who was born in Israel, I have dual citizenship with the USA and Israel. Using my Israeli passport would have saved me $100 in visa fees when I went to Chile, but the Chilean border officials informed me that my passport at the time was expired. So no real perks to having an Israeli passport, but it’s still pretty neat.


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