Candy and Costumes

17 Oct

When we were little, Halloween was all about the candy. I remember comparing loot with my brother and friends–and making trades to maximize our bounty. Every year, I’d trek up the long driveway to my neighborhood haunted house (but really…an 80 year old couple lived there and the house had broken shingles, peeling paint and spiderwebs) so that I could pocket the full-sized Score bar. It was worth it.

As we get older, there is less focus on the candy and more focus on the costume. And adding wings to your outfit doesn’t count (I’m looking at you, Ms. Murhpy).

Of course, Halloween has always been considered an appropriate time to add sexy before any noun and make that your costume, but I’d rather not dress as a sexy Scrabble board–thank you very much. While it can be fun to dress provocatively, 1. it’s usually too cold to do that and still be comfortable; 2. it’s not exactly the most creative thing anymore and 3. you’ll get a lot more compliments if you come up with something relevant and unique.

Last year, the BF and I went as Brett Farve and Jen Sterger–the reporter that Farve sent his snapshots too. The costumes were easy, but we had a blast–and were the only ones at the party dresses as Farve and Sterger. Based on what was in the news a year ago, there were also some of Chilean miners and Tiger Woods.

Instead of a slutty [insert noun here], why not try one of these?

  • Occupy Wall Street
  • Katniss (The Hunger Games)
  • 9-9-9 pizza delivery boy/girl
  • Coach Taylor (FNL)
  • Michele Bachmann
  • Steve Jobs (too soon?)
  • Unemployed NBA player
  • Rally squirrel – for baseball fans only
  • Royal wedding guest

What other pop-culture costumes can you think of?


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