Random Friday Facts

28 Oct

1. I used to have double piercings in my ears, a cartilage piercing and a pierced nose. That was in my heyday. Now I stick to the single holes.

2. I’ll drink white wine if it’s really hot out or if someone is getting a bottle, but my true love is red wine. After studying abroad in Argentina, my go-to wine is a Malbec. Or a Cote du Rhone if I’m with my francophile friends Tyla and Mara.

3. When people start talking about getting a tattoo, I encourage them to print the image out and put it somewhere where they will see it every day for a few months, or even a year. But let’s be honest–I decided 15 minutes before I got mine that I wanted a tattoo and then figured out what to get. And almost five years later, I’m so happy to have it on my body.

4. I went to my third Mat Kearney concert last Sunday. Pretty sure the first time I even heard of him is when my friends Emily and Megan asked if I wanted to go see him two years ago.

5. I’ve also seen Greenday three times. I used to be majorly in love with Bill Joe. Don’t ask. So not my type.

6. I’ve never been to a professional football game, but I bought tickets off of a Craigslist dude this week to the 49ers vs. Redskins game next weekend. I’m excited to tailgate, cheer on the Niners, and check another think off my Fall to-do list!

7. I saw a girl a few weeks back wearing a Mountain Camp II sweatshirt and got irrationally excited. I went to Mountain Camp for four summers as a kid, and am still obsessed. Let’s be honest, what could be better than arts and crafts, capture the flag, campfires, and a trampoline in the middle of the lake?

8. In college, I had a huge banner hanging from my bay window out onto the main quad that told people to call the health center to get their HPV vaccines. It was really easy to give people directions to my room.

9. I love cooking, but I think I love it even more when I come home from a long day at work and the BF has cooked dinner.

10. My eighth grade social studies teacher took a few students, myself included, to hear Bill Clinton speak back in the 90s. I remember shaking his hand, and then turning to my friends and giggling about not knowing where that hand had been.


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