Why vacation is awesome

30 Nov

So obviously vacation means no work. And that’s usually a nice thing. But it also means so many other fun things, for which I am incredibly grateful:

  • Getting a few hours on the beach in San Diego. My color has probably already faded by now, but it’s better than nothing.
  • Loads of fish tacos. Fresh, fried, corn tortillas, flour tortillas. I ate them all.
  • Catching up with good friends and getting to hear how well everyone is doing.
  • Family dinners with all four of us and lots of laughter.
  • Dim sum. Enough said.
  • Finally seeing my brother’s “new” 1.5 year old apartment.
  • Taking my brother to his first ever yoga class and turning him into a yoga convert.
  • Spending time with my parents.
  • Eating a very foodie dinner at Chez Panisse.
  • Being 100% kooky and not worrying that anyone is going to care.
  • Curling up by the heaters like I used to when I was younger.
  • Raiding my mom’s closet. This trip I came home with a down vest, a pair of awesome rings, a sapphire ring and a big red sweater that my great-grandmother knitted.

I love DC, but my heart is in California.


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