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On the first night of Hanukkah

21 Dec

Sweet brine of the sea

Behind your secretive doors

More value than pearls

Two dozen oysters, a shucking knife and shucking gloves. A perfect Hanukkah present.


A trip down memory lane

20 Dec

When I was a junior in college, I spent five months studying abroad in Buenos Aires–the European metropolis of South America. It was an amazing experience, and I loved soaking up the culture and exploring Argentina and its neighboring countries. And boy, did I love the food. Because really, how can you go wrong with steak, red wine and alfajores?

An Argentine treat!

When I stumbled on A Cozy Kitchen’s recipe for mini alfajores, I knew I had to give them a whirl. And lucky for me, I had a cookie exchange coming for my book club coming up–so I knew I’d have willing indulgers.

The most surprising thing about the recipe–which I followed exactly–was the preparation for the dulce de leche. Apparently, an easy way to make dulce de leche is to stick a sealed can of sweetened condensed milk in a pot of boiling water and let it simmer for 2.5 to 3 hours. Sounds a little dangerous, right? After hearing warnings that you’d risk exploding sweetened condensed milk if the water level fell below the top of the can, I used my largest pot and closely monitored the evaporation. And in the end, there was no explosion–and only delicious dulce de leche!

The final product wasn’t exactly what I remember from Buenos Aires, but they were delicious in their own way. With flaky shortbread cookies and silk dulce de leche, the alfajores were huge hits with the book club girls–and are definitely cookies that I’ll make again!


My five bites

9 Dec

Hopefully you guys all read Metrocurean, an awesome DC food blog. If not, you should check it out now!

Every week, Amanda features “Five Bites” from local bloggers, foodies and chefs. This week, I had the chance to think about my five favorite DC foods. Check it out here.

Just missing the list were:

What are your favorite DC bites?


Rainy day mac ‘n cheese

8 Dec

These past few days have been cold, gray and rainy. The only good thing about weather like this is that it provides a good backdrop for hearty food. Wintery days mean stew, soups and mac ‘n cheese.

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you’ve probably got the sense that I like to stay active and try to eat on the healthy side. I added a little broccoli and grilled chicken to this mac ‘n cheese recipe, and used skim milk, but let’s not try to kid ourselves–this recipe still has plenty of butter and cheese. But we all need to eat up before our winter hibernation, right?

The BF and I made this the other night, and it really was the perfect remedy to the gross weather outside.

Cheesy, gooey deliciousness

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The obligatory gift guide

2 Dec

As a blogger, I feel a need to comply with the stated blogger guidelines and produce some sort of holiday gift guide. Because if I didn’t, I’d certainly be breaking blogger code and would quite possibly lose my status as a certified blogger.

But, since this blog is supposed to be about “my DC”, I figured I’d do something a little bit different and feature some of the great DC-centric gift options. Why not buy something a little fun and different for a DC friend or family member?

For the modern art lover: DC Metro map print (available on Etsy)

For the travel lover: 1880s DC map (available on Amazon)

For the random home decor lover (that’s me!): Hoods on Wood (available on Etsy)

For the food lover: DC-shaped wood cutting board (available on Handmade Spark). Per Nikki‘s comment below, you should also check out Hill’s Kitchen for an awesome DC cookie cutter.

For the zen lover: Cherry blossom tea (available at Bourgea Tea in tea bags and loose leaf)

For the design lover: DC neighborhoods print (available at Ork Posters)