The obligatory gift guide

2 Dec

As a blogger, I feel a need to comply with the stated blogger guidelines and produce some sort of holiday gift guide. Because if I didn’t, I’d certainly be breaking blogger code and would quite possibly lose my status as a certified blogger.

But, since this blog is supposed to be about “my DC”, I figured I’d do something a little bit different and feature some of the great DC-centric gift options. Why not buy something a little fun and different for a DC friend or family member?

For the modern art lover: DC Metro map print (available on Etsy)

For the travel lover: 1880s DC map (available on Amazon)

For the random home decor lover (that’s me!): Hoods on Wood (available on Etsy)

For the food lover: DC-shaped wood cutting board (available on Handmade Spark). Per Nikki‘s comment below, you should also check out Hill’s Kitchen for an awesome DC cookie cutter.

For the zen lover: Cherry blossom tea (available at Bourgea Tea in tea bags and loose leaf)

For the design lover: DC neighborhoods print (available at Ork Posters)


One Response to “The obligatory gift guide”

  1. Nikki December 2, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    That first etsy print is one of my all time favorites! Also there are DC landmark cookie cutters at Hills Kitchen!

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