For the love of food

10 Jan

I may not have been posting a lot or photographing a lot, but that doesn’t mean I’m not cooking plenty. There have been lots of cooking successes recently, and I figured it would be rude to not share some of those recipes with all of you:

  • Maple mustard glazed chicken (via Cooking Light)
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough brownie bars (via Babble) Emily and I made these without the Oreos
  • “Paella” (via Cooking Light) – Add artichoke hearts for a bit of tang and texture
  • Pizza dough for a pulled pork pizza (via 101 Cookbooks)
  • Slow cooker hot and sour soup (via A Year of Slow Cooking)
  • Butternut squash soup (via me) – Roast 1 butternut squash & 2 shallots; add chicken stock, curry powder, chili powder, ginger, plain yogurt. Eat and enjoy.

What have you been cooking recently? Any favorite winter recipes worth sharing? I’m making miso udon soup for dinner tonight to help combat the cold weather.


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