Low Maintenance

29 Feb

As I’ve discussed before, my beauty routine is pretty low maintenance. Since I cut nine inches off my hair a year and a half ago, I’ve probably used a blow dryer less than ten times and have busted out my straightening iron on a grand total of two occasions. Don’t ask me why I dealt with long hair as long as I did…

What makes my haircut even easier to manage is the fact that the chunky bedhead/beachy look is in right now, and I’m hoping that trend continues in perpetuity. My latest trick (thank you, Angie at BANG Verizon Center)?

Redken powder grip.

This stuff is actually amazing. You know that feeling when you’re trying to give body and texture to your hair and it’s just too squeaky clean after shampooing? This miracle powder gives you a bit of grit and texture without adding too much oil. And…even better, no hassles with TSA when you go on vacation!

I’m clearly not a beauty expert, and you probably shouldn’t take beauty advice from me, but I felt the need to share just how awesome this product was.

Do you have any other low maintenance beauty products/routines that are worth sharing?


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