“Bucket list”

17 Apr

As we were enjoying a lovely spring evening with wine, gossip, and laughter, my friend got to talking about her summer “bucket list” of all of the things she wants to accomplish before starting business school in the fall. While some of the items resembled a to-do list more than a bucket list (evaluate life plans and go to friend’s wedding aren’t exactly bucket list material), it got me thinking of all the things I want to do this spring/summer to take full advantage of the nice weather and all that DC has to offer.

This is probably more of a to-do list than a bucket list per se, but hopefully it will be good motivation to keep me exploring and adventuring through the next few months.

  • Move. I love our apartment, but I’m dying for a patio/deck/outdoor space.
  • Roosevelt Island. I still haven’t been, which means that a nice stroll around the island is in order.
  • Billy Goat Trail.See above.
  • Camping. A night in the Shenandoahs is always a good idea. And now we have an even more spacious four person tent.
  • Screen on the Green and other outdoor concerts/screenings. DC has so many free outdoor activities during the spring and summer months, and it’s a shame not to go to as many as possible.
  • Capitol Bike Share. I’m deathly afraid of biking in the city, but I’d like to rent a bike and at least spend some time down on the mall.
  • Explore Rock Creek. We live blocks from the park, but have only explored a few paths. I’d love to spend more time trekking and exploring (during the day).
  • Picnic. Again, we live so close to Rock Creek, so but sometimes it seems like such a hassle to get all of our stuff together for a picnic. It’s really not that difficult.
  • Try new things. There is so much to see, do, and explore in DC. Do something new every week. This weekend, Dan and I are going to a shooting range and heading to the outlets. Plus, I’m going to (and co-hosting) my first ever bridal shower.

One Response to ““Bucket list””

  1. Emily May 15, 2012 at 3:07 pm #

    We need to have joint DC bucket lists — and start working on them soon, there’s a lot to do!

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