Founding Farmers Brunch. Take 3.

15 May

I’ve had some hits and some misses with Founding Farmers, but I so desperately want to love the restaurant as much as I love the concept that I’m planning to head out to their new Montgomery County location this weekend to check it out–and it doesn’t hurt that Foodie and the Beast will be recording live with some awesome special guests!

It should be a fun event, and I’ll be sure to report back on the entire brunch experience. Show highlights include:

– Founding Farmers Award-Winning Chief Mixologist Jon Arroyo mixes up three of his new ‘Eight Buck Savvy’ seasonal drinks and a fun Tiki cocktail for everyone to try.
 – Bibiana Chef Nick Stefanelli and Pam the Butcher talk Lamb Jam 2012
 – Food & Wine 2012 Best New Pastry Chef Chris Ford of the newly opened Pabu and Wit & Wisdom restaurants at the Four Seasons in Baltimore, Md, along with Pabu Executive Chef Jonah Kim
 – Fancy Food Show purveyors Ron Tanner and Peter Kaldes from Kaldes Bros. Trading, and Maggi Castelloe of Hunt Country Foods share their products and highlights of what to expect at the show in June
 – Founding Farmers Director of Honey Valerie Zweig chats about the Founding Farmers / GWU Apiary, which is in it’s second year, and the new Russian bees that make up the largest restaurant-owned urban apiary in the U.S.
 – Founding Farmers Executive Chef Joe Goetze shares new seasonal menu items, farm fresh cooking inspiration, and the new Herb Garden that grows right in front of the restaurant in MoCo.

 – and, each brunch guest receives a take-home bag of treats from Founding Farmers and show guests!

If anyone wants to join the fun, be sure to make an early reservation–since the show starts at 10:30. If you’re able to roll out of bed that early and get yourself to Maryland, maybe I’ll see you there 🙂

I have a three strikes and you’re out policy, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for FF and have high hopes for the MoCo location!


One Response to “Founding Farmers Brunch. Take 3.”

  1. Emily May 16, 2012 at 7:17 pm #

    I’m with you on FF misses — they got a scathing review from Tom Sietsema today, so I hope they doesn’t let you down 🙂

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