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Kitchen antics

4 Jun

With our new CSA from Smucker Farms of Lancaster County (PDF about the CSA), our kitchen has been exploding with fresh produce–and with fun new recipes to take full advantage of our bounty! We’re only two weeks in, and it’s already clear that buying this CSA was a fabulous decision. So far, we’ve made: quinoa “fried rice” with kale and tofu; kale chips with chipotle olive oil; spring onion and leek focaccia; navy bean salad with radishes and peas with a garlic lemon vinaigrette; broccoli, spring onion, and leek quiche; and fresh pasta with garlic space pesto and roasted tomato sauce.

I have a feeling that this spring/summer/fall is going to be full of fresh produce and lots of new recipes!

Broccoli/leek/spring onion/pea quiche

Spring onion and leek focaccia

Pull-up bar turned pasta rack