Craigslist Rockstar

1 Aug

ImageToday, my friend Nikki called me a Craigslist rockstar–and I am both humbled and proud of the moniker. Over the years, I’ve honed my skills to find amazing furniture finds, random gigs/jobs, and plenty of focus groups. When my brother was looking for part-time jobs in California, yours truly was able to point him towards a couple awesome options.

Unfortunately, both my apartment and my spare time are limited–so I can’t always buy the pieces I’d like to buy or take the odd jobs that I’d like to do.

And so, the lightbulb went off today. Not everyone has the same limitations as I do. Maybe you have space in your living room? Or you have afternoons free? Today, I start posting some of my awesome Craigslist finds that I can’t take advantage of–and hopefully my loss is your gain.

Stay tuned for fun finds!


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