Craigslist Finds – August 7 (part 2)

7 Aug

I’m posting a second part today because there were a few great finds that popped up since I first posted. The lamp, in particular, won’t be around for long–so I wanted to be sure that folks saw it and could email the seller before it was sold.

Sports Drink Needs Reps for Promotion

Embarrassing confession: when I first moved from DC and was funemployed/interning on the Hill/making an entry level salary, I was a Coors Light girl. To be honest, it wasn’t as bad as people think–and it was always fun to meet the other girls and people out at the bars. We were running a promotion for Madden 2010 at the time, so there was plenty of beer drinking and video game playing to be done. This gig isn’t for a beer company, so there’s that. Plus, it’s on a weekend–so easy to do if you have a full-time job and just need some extra cash.


Modern Arc Floor Lamp

I LOVE arc lamps. In fact, I just bought one similar to this the other day. $50 is a steal. Get this while it’s still there.


Participate in NIH Study! (For Women)

You have to have a certain BMI to qualify for this study, which is looking at how people’s brains work when they are hungry–comparing average weight women to overweight women. I think it’s $50 compensation if I remember correctly from some email correspondence with the researchers. Metro accessible in Bethesda.


2 cb2 chartreuse bar stools

Chartreuse is one of those “in” colors right now. And at $120 for 2, you’re probably okay keeping these for just a year or so and then replacing them. Can’t lose with cb2’s modern designs.


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