Craigslist Finds – Quick Money

16 Aug

Lifestyle TV viewers needed for website study

$85 for a one-hour study during regular business hours. Media Barn is a good company that I’ve done a focus group with before. Right by the Courthouse Metro.


Online psychology survey – $50 raffle

Five minute online survey for the University of New Hampshire. Probably not great odds of winning, but what’s five minutes?


Night life survey for $50 gift certificate

Another short survey, another small chance to win.


$100 for vehicle safety focus group

Two hours in Rockville. Must be 18+ with at least 2 years driving experience.


Seeking focus group participants – $70

Two hour focus group in Dupont Circle about international issues. Must be 21+ and have lived in the USA for at least 4 years.


Seeking locals to write a few reviews about your neighborhood

Spend a few minutes writing about what you like or don’t like about your neighborhood, help out a start-up, and get paid $20. Worth finding out more information about the company.


One Response to “Craigslist Finds – Quick Money”

  1. Nikki Rappaport (@nikkirap) August 16, 2012 at 4:20 pm #

    Love that you’re doing this series! You need your own HGTV show!

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