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On the wagon

11 Feb

My name is Rachel, and I’m not an alcoholic. Still, it has been 182 hours since I’ve had a drink–and it will be another 400+ until alcohol crosses my lips.

For a combination of reasons (part challenge, part health, part just for the hell of it), Dan and I have sworn off drinking for the month (yes, we started with the shortest month of the year and didn’t start the challenge until after Super Bowl Sunday, but it’s close enough). I’m not not drinking as a way to change my long-term drinking habits, or to lose weight, or to detox my system. There’s no real point to doing this besides seeing if we can.

What I’ve realized this past week is how much easier it is to come up with something to do when you drink. Bored on a Friday evening? Go grab a drink at the Gin Joint. Mid-afternoon lull on a Saturday afternoon? Go walk through the zoo and grab a drink outside at Zoo Bar Cafe. You have to be a lot more creative when you’re not drinking, otherwise it’s easy to get bored.

I haven’t minded abstaining while out to dinner (although the meals seem to take far less time) or enjoying a girls’ night at book or Bunko club, but it’s been more difficult to come up with things for Dan and me to do. We’ve contemplated hobbies we could take up during our month on the wagon (he’s growing an “on-the-wagon” beard), but knitting isn’t really up our alley.

I think it’d be easier in the warm weather, when we could go on hikes or go to the pool. But so far, we’ve been relying primarily on movies, books, TV, straightening up the apartment, going out for non-boozy brunch, and cooking. On our list for the upcoming week and weekend: non-boozy birthday dinner out; yoga; non-boozy Valentine’s Day dinner at home; and Union Market.

What else should we add to the itinerary? What hobbies and activities should we take up this month?