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Craigslist Finds: August 3

3 Aug

3 Piece Bistro Table Set

Can’t you just picture yourself sitting at this table at a Parisian cafe? I’m not 100% sold on the intricate bubble pattern, but the ribbon-like trim on the table is adorable. All you need is a bottle of wine.


Current Boutique PT/WE Sales Associate

Current Boutique’s Logan Circle location is hiring! This is more of a time commitment than a two hour focus group, but what a fun opportunity for a fashion-lover (I refuse to say fashionista). They don’t say anything about it, but I bet there’s an employee discount 🙂


Vintage Oval Brass Tray w/ Gold Cup Set

Yes, this is totally random. Who sells a single tea cup and plate? I guess this could be good for a food blogger–and I know there are some of you out there. But what I really love is the tray. How perfect would that be with some nicknacks or a few candles?

Vindale Research

Craigslist is a beautiful thing, but not everyone out there is going to be honest and forthright. Of course, anytime you go by yourself to pick up furniture, you should let someone know where you’re going. And before signing up for any studies, be sure to do a quick Google search on the company. It turns out that Vindale research, which is now advertising a study on potato chips, is probably a company that you want to avoid. While you may end up getting paid what you are owed, there appear to be a lot of hoops to jump through and a lot of ways that they try to trick you into spending money. Moral of today: be alert.